Build your perfect Windows Cloud Server to host your applications and websites in the VPS.NET Cloud. Use your favorite Windows Server tools, like MS-SQL, Active Directory, or many of the other Windows based applications, using the VPS.NET Cloud.

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512 MB Dedicated RAM
2.4 GHz Dedicated CPU
10 GB Disk space
3 TB Network transfer
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Top Features of a Windows Server

Instant Windows Cloud Servers

When you use the VPS.NET cloud you can easily spin up and deploy a Windows Cloud Server in minutes. Simply choose the amount of resources your application or website requires, select which Windows version you prefer, and in minutes the VPS.NET cloud will have built a secure, reliable Windows environment for you.

Add Resources on Demand

Hardware deployment times are a thing of the past with the VPS.NET Cloud. Our cloud servers can be upgraded at any time using our control panel; simply add nodes to your cloud server, and our system will take care of re-sizing your cloud server immediately.

Simple & Affordable

At VPS.NET we've simplified our system – we've put together a fixed pricing system, based off the resources assigned to your cloud server. Leave the guesswork to the weather man – join the VPS.NET cloud and know exactly what you're paying for you.

Windows versions available

Windows 2008 x64 Base
Windows 2008 x64 DNP
Windows 2008 x64 IIS DNS
Windows 2008 x64 IIS, DNS ISP Manager
Windows 2008 x64 SharePoint
Windows 2008 x64 SQL

Not sure which operating system is best for you? Our sales team can help - give us a call, or let us call you!